Silver Fox Blackjack Count

The silver fox blackjack count is a card counting strategy designed to help even beginning card counters get ahead at blackjack, play different casino games provided by website. Though card counting is by no means an easy feat, following a strategy such as this can help simplify the method.

Silver Fox Development

The silver fox blackjack count was developed by Ralph Stricker. This New Jersey native has honed his strategy to near perfection and shares the details of how it works in his book, "The Silver Fox Blackjack System - You Can Count On It." Stricker travels the country teaching others about his system, but you don't need the book or a seminar to grasp the basics provided here. Use Moneyworld Casino for good banking options.

Silver Fox Basics

The basic information you need to know with the silver fox blackjack count is that the 9, face cards and ace count as -1, while the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 cards count as +1. As you play, you must keep count of each hand progressively. This system scores a .96 for betting correlation, .69 for profitability taking insurance and .53 for playing efficiency. Though it's not the sleekest system available, it is a simple method for beginners.

Counting cards is no small endeavor, and those attempting it must remember, in addition to the rules of the count, th blackjack games typically have multiple decks. Play other card games like best free poker online. To get the correct count, all decks must be accounted for and the player has to keep careful track of every hand.